I was scrolling through some photos which I’ve meant to blog about, only to realise it’s Christmas season again.

Where did time go?

A year ago, I was channeling my inner Martha Stewart while prepping for Christmas dinners.
A year ago, I was refreshed and recharged after returning from my 2 month sabbatical in Seoul.

A year later, I am in a different place. Literally and figuratively.
In 2015, I’ve made some major decisions which have changed the course of my life. Instead of quitting practice, I’ve decided to give it another shot at a new firm.

Mostly because I really like being in practice even though most of the time, most people can be such a pain.

Partly because I don’t know what else I’m good at. Not that I’m good at what I am doing now. *NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING HALF THE TIME*

And also a teeny weeny bit because I wanna show those detractors who have placed obstacles in my way ever since the 1st day I’ve entered law school and more so, after I’ve graduated.
I did not have the most smooth-sailing career. I did not start my practice in a big law or a prestigious magic circle/white shoe firm. I do not have a father/uncle/neighbour/neighbour’s cat who is a lawyer/judge.

I would like to think that I’ve worked hard/smart the last 6 years.

Maybe it is a classic case of “A candle that burns twice as bright, burns out twice as fast.”

well, I guess that’s why I’m still flouncing around.

#throwback to last year’s Christmas:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset