Sunday brunch at Wild Honey, Mandarin Gallery.

No reservations taken at this branch (reservations are possible at the Scotts Square branch) so there was a long queue.

Thankful to my lovely friends who queued and got us a table while I was going gaga at H&M across the road *guilty*

I am not a fan of Wild Honey because I find the coffee very average, food overpriced and service underwhelming (to a point of being curt). 

However, I have to admit that their stuff has high instagramability (see below).

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Being rushed to turn around our table, we decided to adjourn and head to Tiong Bahru, the hipster nest for some post-brunch sweets at Plain Vanilla Bakery.

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Decided not to make this into a cheat meal, I only had one small bite of the salted caramel chocolate tart and it was o.k.a.y.

Coffee was meh as well.  SIGH.

Thank God for the wonderful company and the afternoon well spent.

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As awesome as the people were in Kuantan (refer to previous post), I missed Singapore and I missed coffee.

The only Starbucks within walking distance from the hotel in Kuantan was undergoing renovation when I was there. FML.

The caffeine (and brunch) deprived me then packed the entire weekend with endless cups of coffee and brunch food at various times of the day.

1. Cafe Melba

Nope, I didn’t have the fluffy pancakes but they were too fluffy not to take a pic of.

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2. Strangers’ Reunion

Post-dinner indulgence and caffeine fix at Strangers with awesome company (and endless bitching).  Love.

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A random but very apt signage near Everton Park which we spotted.

The second character is in my Chinese name so I’m very partial to it. :)


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Last week, I spent 4 days up in Kuantan, Malaysia on a work trip.

I had such glorious plans – waking up at 6am, stroll into the gym for a good work out before starting the day.

Guess what, that didn’t happen. First, the gym opens only at 7am and our work schedule begins at 7am so………….

I did try to barge into the gym on two occasions after its closing hours (10pm) and thankfully the staff on duty on both nights were very kind to allow me 20 mins usage. YAY Kuantan and its awesome people!

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And obviously after a long day of meetings and site visits, 20 mins of expected hardcore work out turned into…….

hurhur, but at least I tried……..?



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